Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Alumni for the year 2014 to happen on March 9th 2014

Due to Request from Many of our Alumni friends to accommodate 2nd Saturday (as this is Holiday for most of Gov employees), only for this year the Alumni Meet date has been decided as 9th March. Soon you will see many updates about this in Face Book and all other possible communications. (on Behalf of Vijay Kumar Mahadesh )

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Please share your thoughts on alumni..

Hi All,

Please share your thoughths here...

Location for alumni:
Prefered Date:

Other things:


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Change in spelling

Hi.. Out of all Visitors Naga bharana has found the below mistake..

Your blog: I was just checking your blog... You have written fecilitation in place of felicitation

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Blog from Swapna V

Few For Fun

Idu Nanna Cycle
Ko Ko Koli Manjanna & Vinod
Huli - Tu junior ke batch mein kya kar rahe ho re...
One & only Person from thier Batch- Keep it up Sandesh... And he is PHOTOGRAPHER behind all these fotos....

Manaku Telisina Batchilu

All Super seniors

Vinod & Co
Madhu & Co
Madhu Repeat

few more

Batchilu Batchilu Photolu Digaru....

okato photo

Felicitation innu photos bar beku

Parents association Secretary Sir..
Vishwantanna Vs Father (first student of JNV CJ Halli [first admission]  Vs First Parents secretary .. Cheers brother)

Felicitation continues

Kallu maama Vs Namma hosa Sir.. 
M Mahesh Vs English siruuuu
Kirikettar Raghavendra Vs  namma muzic madam... [Gift kotta mele yakanna alle ninthiya]
Junior Vs... Namma PT Madam Alias Prema Madam
Paatilaa Vs Sankar (Guess Who is Lecutere :)) - Enu Smileeeeeeeeee....

Monday, March 23, 2009

Felicitation Begins...

Gen Sec Bhemappa Vs Maths Sir Mr.Prakash...
SR Vinod Vs Kannada kanda Mr. Mallapa Sir(from Rajasthan)
Shivanna Vs Fizics Siruu...
Dr.Prakash Anna Vs Ram Chandra Goud Sir (Principal @ Atomic Research Centre)
Vishwanath Anna Vs VP